There is a time for everything under heaven. The time has come for us to retire from the winemaking experience. After 20 years of churning out your favorite wines, we have decided to replace a couple of knees and enjoy what life has to offer us day by day, and the best part, moment by moment.

We'd like to thank all of you, case club members as well as regulars for your support through the years. You are the ones that made Brigadoon happen. If you only just found us, we're glad you did but sorry it couldn't be longer.

We'll cherish the memories, the laughter, all the wonderful people we met over the years and the friends we've made, the weddings, the proposals, the music the vast array of discussions, the lives we've touched and those that touched us. What better way to get to know others, their joys, their hardships, their travels, hopes and dreams than sharing a glass of wine or a beer in God's beautiful surroundings. This was Brigadoon for us and hope it was for you too. It had to be found and had to be searched out and had to be felt. If not, you weren't looking or listening or perhaps didn't need it or it wasn't important to you at the time. Perhaps in the future.

Soon we will make a point of sitting under a tree with our glass in hand and toast all of you that made it happen. Crack open that treasured bottle you're hanging on too for that special occasion or with that treasured friend and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

It's now time for Brigadoon to fade into the mist and become a fond memory for those of you that truly found Brigadoon. Cherish the memory, be happy and at peace. The best is yet to come.

It's been a pleasure serving you.

David, Linda and Katie Welbes