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Fruit Wines

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Our original cranberry wine keeps the essense of fall cranberries, semi-dry with a mild tartness on the finish.

Summer's Blush

A light, crisp, semi-sweet cranberry wine, with the character of a White Zinfandel. Serve chilled or iced on a hot day, it's delightfully refreshing. Light enough to pair with foods and cheeses.

Summer Hummer

Our Black Currant Blueberry wine, made with fresh WI fruit, is a deep crimson colored sweet tart wine, on the high end of the semi-dry scale. It has a very robust black currant note with a light blueberry sweetness and spiciness on the finish.

Autumn Fire

Made with fresh cranberries and raspberries, this wonderful semi-dry wine will surprise you with its bold, sweet raspberry flavor and its crisp, dry cranberry tartness on the finish.


Made with 100% blueberries, this semi-dry wine will smother your palate in blueberries. Check out the beautiful blue hue to this wine.


Semi-dry with a bold flavor and bouquet. Smooth and crisp, deep and dark.


Made with 100% fresh strawberries from a local berry farm this semi-sweet wine will transport you to a field of strawberries in summer.


Made with 100% fresh raspberries you'll find this wine semi-sweet, lightly tart, with a bold raspberry bouquet and sublime flavor.

Good Old Summertime

Made with fresh raspberries and blueberries, just the right balance brings you that wonderful good old summertime in a bottle.


A light, crips not too sweet apple wine with an apple finish. Wonderful served with white cheddar or an apple pie. Pair well with foods. If you're a white wine lover, don't miss this apple wine.


With a lovely, fresh and fruity bouquet, this semi-dry yellow raspberry wine, made with 100% yellow raspberries, wow’s you with a wonderful lingering fruitiness on the palate. Much like a Pinot Grigio.